Custom Wine & Labeling

Unlabeled Wine for Custom Labeling

Want to customize a bottle of wine with your own label? Custom labeled wine is great for gifting to clients, family, friends, party hostess or can be wonderful for commemorating special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries! Serious or silly, we have unlabeled bottles for purchase (meaning a small legal label is present on the back of the bottle, but the front is left blank). We recommend either:

  • Designing your own label at
  • Making your own hand-drawn design with sharpies (Examples: Here & Here, but since the bottles come unlabeled & filled with wine you can skip all of the cleaning prep)
  • Or creating an Avery label template that can be printed at home or at your local print shop (Free Downloadable Templates Here).

As our wine list fluctuates frequently, please call 336-644-9908 during regular business hours to find out more about our current Unlabeled Wine Selection.

Bottle the Barrel Program

For custom unlabeled orders larger than 2 case (24 bottles), we have a wine labeling program called “Bottle the Barrel” at Stonefield Cellars!  We have conducted several of these bottling sessions geared toward wine lovers who 1. Want to have a hands on bottling experience and 2. Want to purchase an exclusive release wine (high quality, limited quantity, and not available outside the winery or sold as our regular retail wine).

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1.   If you are looking to purchase 2+ cases of unlabeled wine we can open up the Bottle the Barrel Event to the Public. That means we would set the date and choose the wine (usually an exceptionally wonderful red wine as our white wines are bottled seasonally) and the public participates would join your group in bottling a minimum of one case each.  Many folks bring an appetizer to share during the event – we have a great social time with good food, good wine, good company! Per bottle price will range between $14.95 – $17.95, depending on the wine.

2.  If you are looking to purchase 20+ cases of unlabeled wine we will host a private bottling event for your group. A couple of weeks before the bottling event you or your group can schedule a blending session with the winemaker to decide on the final blend that you’ll want to bottle. You are also welcome to make the private bottling event a party by bringing food or hiring a caterer. Bulk per bottle price starts at $12.95 and can go up depending on which wines are chosen. 

After your wine is bottled we recommend either:

For ANY Bottle the Barrel Event wines must be pre-paid for before the event date.

To inquire about scheduling a Bottle the Barrel Event please email Natalie Wurz at with the subject line “Bottle the Barrel Event Inquiry” or for general questions please contact us at 336-644-9908 during our regular business hours.