Wine Club

Introducing the Stonefield Cellars Wine Club!

With no cost to sign up and exclusive vintages, events, and discounts our Wine Club is a great way to effortlessly enjoy Stonefield Cellars wines year round. We invite you to join our fun-loving group of wine enthusiasts and receive a winemaker selected case of wine per year.

 Wine Club Details

  Membership in our wine club includes a commit to purchase 12 pre-selected bottles of wine over the course of a year. The wines are hand-picked by the winemaker and packaged into 4 bottle increments. That’s 3 shipments per year released around Oct. 1st, Feb. 1st, and June 1st! If you live close you can pick up your club wines at the winery, or we can ship them within the state of North Carolina.

 We know everyone has different tastes, so we’ve created three options for our members to choose from. If your palate ever changes, you can switch to a different selection by calling or emailing the winery before your next shipment.

    Barrel Select wine shipments will consist of 4 bottles of assorted dry wines including: 1 white, 2 standard reds and 1 reserve red. 

    Fruit of the Vineyard wine selections will consist of 4 bottles of assorted semi-sweet and sweet wines.

    Half & Half consists of 4 bottles including: 2 dry wines and 2 sweet wines (red & white).

The cost of each shipment will include the retail price of the wine less the 10% Wine Club discount, plus tax and any applicable shipping charges. 


Membership Benefits Include:

Wine Club Party!10% Discount on Wine Club wines.

Additional 5% off all half-cases and full-cases of wine purchased at the winery.

Monthly Discounts on wine & merchandise.

Coupons for tastings, events, and special occasions.

Invitations to Wine Club Exclusive Events at the winery (such as barrel tastings, cook-outs, pick-up parties, pre-release tastings, and more)

Wine Club Exclusive Wines released every October.

Opportunities to purchase limited/special production vintages.

Winemaker notes and food pairing suggestions/recipes.

 Previous Wine Club Exclusive Wines: 

  • Heritáge, a 85% Cabernet Sauvignon / 15% Merlot blend. Voted for by our Wine Club Members in a three-way blind tasting, this blend won by a landslide and has been heralded as one of our best wines released in 2017. 
  • Perfectly Peachy, a 80% Pinot Gris / 20% Peach blend. This wine was made from fermenting pinot gris grapes and peaches together, so you get all of the robust sweetness of biting into a fresh peach while still maintaining the body and alcohol content (12.5%) of a traditional grape wine.

To join our wine club please fill out the Stonefield Cellars Wine Club Membership Application Form and mail/email it to us (see form for details) or call 336-644-9908 and we’ll be glad to sign you up over the phone!